Application for a Doctorate at the Doctoral Center A4H

At the Doctoral Center “Analytics4Health”, doctoral candidates pursue forward-looking questions in order to sustainably improve the health and well-being of people in the context of their environment. In particular, analytical methods from the fields of bioanalytics, health and data sciences are combined.
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Admission requirements with a foreign degree:


Please apply online only by attaching the documents listed below (possibly as one document) via the application form (access via the red button). Applications received in writing or by e-mail cannot be considered in the admission procedure.

The application for a doctorate is made with an informal application to the doctorate committee, incl. all documents see doctoral regulations and handing-in:

The application for a doctorate at the Doctoral Center A4H is a prerequisite for admission to a doctoral project and membership at the doctoral center. An application is possible at any time. The doctoral committee decides at its regular meetings on whether to be a member of the doctoral center and thus to receive an approval to a doctorate. Applications received by 7 June 2024 will be considered at the next meeting of the doctoral committee on 18 June 2024.
Admission to a doctorate is independent of funding. The supervisors and the management team advise on scholarships or job offers, a doctorate is also possible on a part-time basis.


If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Renate Lucke, Operative Head of the Doctoral Center A4H (by e-mail at promotion@hs-coburg. de or tel. 09561 317 267) or Prof. Dr. habil. Karin Meißner, Scientific Director of the Doctoral Center A4H (by e-mail at

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